A technology that smells of wood

The beating heart of VIRGILIO SRL is the core sintering machine; a prototype “VEB000” has already been constructed and can produce small design objects, such as glasses, watches, bow ties, bracelets, phone covers, cufflinks, tie clips, etc…
Once the patent has been filed, the “VEB001” model will finally be assembled with a working capacity of about m3 and will produce medium-sized design objects, such as lamps, chairs, tables, etc…

Problem Summary

The natural simplicity of wood, its fragrance, its history so intrinsically linked to that of man: rooted in the soul of wood itself, the essence of VIRGILIO SRL’s activity is aimed at avoiding waste, developing modern and innovative technologies able to recover and enhance the by-products of primary processing, ennobling them and giving them new high quality life cycles.

Solution Summary

From wood scraps to a design made in Italy: glasses, watches, bow ties, bracelets, phone covers, cufflinks, tie clips,
lamps, chairs, tables and medium-sized design objects are some of
VIRGILIO SRL’s eco-friendly objects.


Design made in Italy is a distinctive brand of Italian character in the world; the union of ecology and environment makes it an even more worthy reference point... these are the sensitivities that VIRGILIO SRL looks for in its commercial partners and within its reference market.


Customers always come first:
VIRGILIO SRL works for a constant improvement of its offer and service, is open to a dialogue that favors new ideas for a further progress. Our customer can rely on a top class range, characterized by an excellent quality-price ratio as well as on possible customized solutions.
The product guarantee is assured, thanks to an accurate monitoring and control of suppliers, to the homogeneity of raw materials as well as to future process certifications.