An innovative machine able to “transform” and reutilise what the wood industry considers as a “waste”, thanks to a core sintering process inside a real wood surface.

Glasses, watches, bow ties, bracelets, phone covers, cufflinks, tie clips are some of the eco-friendly objects that VIRGILIO SRL produces today.

Once the patent has been obtained and the standard machinery is produced, lamps, chairs, tables and medium sized design objects will be added to the brochure.

Wastes are brought to new life!

How we are

Twenty years’ experience in the wood industry, a boat-builder called Virgilio (to whom the Company is dedicated) who was a guide like Dante in the Divine Comedy; an innate passion for research and study of innovative solutions; a marked sensitivity for the respect of environment; sleepless lab nights… this is the alchemical mix that has led to the birth of innovation craftsmen… VIRGILIO SRL.

Skilfully working and transforming residues of woodworking to bring waste to new life, moulding it into new design objects.

well-designed products tailor
made starting from sawdust

green your life


Virgilio Convert sawdust in innovative design and unique products


Well-designed products starting from sawdust


We believe in a better world

Creativity and quality for an eco-sustainable future

The natural simplicity of wood, its fragrance, its history so intrinsically linked to that of man: rooted in the soul of wood itself, the essence of VIRGILIO SRL’s activity is aimed at avoiding waste, developing modern and innovative technologies able to recover and enhance the by-products of primary processing, ennobling them and giving them new high quality life cycles.

Made in Italy design is a distinctive brand of Italian character in the world; the union of ecology and environment makes it an even more worthy reference point… these are the sensitivities that VIRGILIO SRL looks for in its commercial partners and within its reference market.

"Message in a bottle"

Hi, I’m Fenny and I’m a parrot from Indonesia and Australia even though I was born and raised in Italy. I am a 6 year old female and I am part of the Cacatua species, in particular my genus belongs to that of the Cacatua Galerita Eleonora.
In nature we love living in the forest and in very populated groups, we spend the day flying from one fruit tree to another even though unfortunately, because of man, our habitat is becoming increasingly poor and we have less space and food to live with, fortunately my species is protected thanks to associations and breeders but also thanks to our very docile character we are fine as pets and as family members.
Now I can go on and introduce my friend Perla, like me she is a female cockatoo but differently from me her genus belongs to the Lesser Cacatua, a rare and endangered species.
Pearl was born in June 2017 so she is much smaller than me but we really get along very well and we do enjoy spending time with our family.
We decided to join the cast of Virgilio because these precious items are made entirely of wood not picked from nature, so safeguarding our natural environment and allowing us to fly freely among plants and mountains.
Pearl and I still thank Virgilio for calling us to represent something so important to us.