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Our Brand is designed for a sustainable future


Our vision is to promote sawdust as a renewable resource through creativity and quality


Powdery particles of wood brought to new life creating innovative design


Artisans of innovation

As a natural product, wood has been widely used, in every age, for multiple applications.

In the wood artefacts industrial production sector, the use of solid wood has been progressively reduced.
Thanks to new technologies, less valuable parts of the tree or processing wastes can now be utilised, with performance results equal or superior to those of the best solid wood.

Before promoting a widespread ecological awareness and the concept of Sustainable Development, the wood industry had already undertaken waste processing recovery and reuse, after appropriate treatment of obsolete artefacts, turning them into new products.


Skilfully working and transforming residues of woodworking to bring waste to new life,
moulding it into new design objects.

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With an innovative machine VIRGILIO SRL is able to reuse all types of waste mentioned above ennobling them through a “core sintering” process…

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